The opening March 21 was a success. Because of the election campaign the salon was open later than planned, but the atmosphere was no less. The ribbon cutting was done in a ritual way by the mayor, Monsieur Gérard Coignac. Anyone who wanted to, got a piece of the ribbon along as a reminder.
There were bubbles and delicious biosnacks of the Brasserie. A beautiful collaboration and a step forwards to bio for them. Enthusiastic comments about the decor of the salon. The treatment chair was already tested and approved!
I answered
as much as questions carefully, such that the treatments and products from Dr. Hauschka are  organic and rhythmic composed, which surely is very unique and new. The people were open and curious about this “new” method. Organic: a new word for an old science. The coming year, I will organize different parties for groups to learn more about this, step by step.