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Of all seasons I think autumn is the most beautiful season. The weather is colder, rainy days, outside you see the beautiful autumn colors and then I sit warm inside with a cup of tea.

In this time the ballast is taken before the winter, we leave the old year behind us and start a new year. All colors change. It becomes dark, cold and quiet. Plant and animal life retreats. If you tune in to this cycle, you will go along with this ‘retreat in yourself’.

By adapting our lifestyle to the change of the seasons, we can harmonize our body with the world around us. Eating seasonal food from our own region or climate strengthens our sense of natural cycles. Local food therefore ensures that we ground and synchronize with the local wave. This brings us in harmony with our natural environment: physically, mentally and spiritually. If you walk in the autumn, you see the seeds mature and the leaves fall. Nature dies and with that she forms a new beginning in a grain. We can say goodbye to stuff, projects or relationships more easily if we know that they no longer feed our being positively.

The seasons give us what we need, not just impressions, but also edible products. When we eat seeds (grains and nuts), the body develops forces that show a strong correspondence with the forces that formed the seed. For example, they provide us with a basis for the development of inner activity (potential). In the fall we have a greater need for heating food; autumn vegetables and autumn fruit are suitable for this. In this way we prepare for the coming cold winter.

To gain more contact with and become aware of these body processes is the goal of respectively the Dr. Hauschka treatments and the Holistic Massage. You can think of the Dr. Hauschka Harmonizing Treatment in this time. The treatment takes 90 minutes and relaxes from head to toe.

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