Happy Momsday

Happy Balance  1

Realizing that my mother is turning 90 this year and that mothers do not have eternal life, this could be one of the last mother days for her and me. Now I am about 900 km away from her so a to go and drink a cup of coffee with her and bring some flowers, is no longer possible. Fortunately, I can still call her and she is still healthy in mind.

I understand very well if you live far away from your mother and still want to pamper her. This year there are again nice gifts at Beau Bien Bio, espace beauté & bien-être au naturel. There are even new treatments, yoga sessions with possible overnight stays and meals (retreats) added under the name Happy Balance. So also for mothers, which you want to give a (yoga) retreat in France, there is room. It’s possible to book for her on a long distance!

How will you spoil your mother or mother-in-law?

New: A facial ‘Cupping’ massage : An intensive massage of the face with Chinese cups. Cupping is used in Chinese medicine to extract toxics from the skin (and deeper layers): Work is being done on the meridians. Cosmetic cupping is a very light form of this massage, in which the connective tissue gets a blood flow  during the treatment. In this way the waste products are being  disposed of and small wrinkles disappear. A natural botox? By draining the waste materials, new energy comes into the connective tissue. A natural relaxation is created, making the skin look more vital and radiates again. –> 25 euros

New: A Happy Balance weekend! Including 2 nights, 2 x  breakfast and 2 x vegetarian dinner (organic), a yoga session and a massage (one and a half hours)! The yoga is given in the spring flow ‘Rising Sun’
There is the possibility of a rhythmic Dr. Hauschka treatment as well to be booked v.a. 60 euros (1 hour). All treatments should be booked at the time of reservation. –> 219 euros
Midweek 409 euros and week 585 euros.  Both have a different program.
Ask for the programs!
Plenty of choice from all other treatments offered here.


Treignac is a nice village surrounded by lots of nature. Playing with the forces of nature is also offered here: paragliding, wild water canoeing, but also a bit more quiet: board surfing, swimming in the lake, walking through the woods. Culturally there are concerts by good bands and classical oriented orchestras and musicians. Outside the high season you can enjoy a silence retreat. You can then only go out or go with an artist for a photo project or write a short novel.