Cosmetics for men

More and more often, men take  time for skin care. For this they use different products. They want result oriented products that solve problems.
The ritual of Dr. Hauschka daily care: cleansing, fortifying and protecting, is intended for anyone who wants to have healthy skin.

Cleansing (after shaving)
The skin cleansing is the basis of good skin care. The Cleansing Cream absorbs dirt and impurities and makes the skin soft and vital. The product is in a tube, so perfect use under the shower! This cream makes your skin not dry or deshydrated.

For a fresh and pleasant sensation, use a lotion or serum product as aftershave. These products do not sting, but calm and fortify the skin.
Lotion: spray on face. The Clarifying Lotion is for oily and blemished skin. This lotion soothes irritation in case of ingrown hairs. Or
Serum: supports regeneration of mature skin. Extra: the serum helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

For a pleasant sensation of the skin, the ritual ends with a day care.
Quince Day Cream or Fluid Day Cream or Melissa Cream, depending on skin type. We give you a personal advice.

Make an appointment  for a skinadvice or a Facial, to try all the products!

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