It’s time to clean up everything. All the stuff from the attic is on the `Vide Greniers`, the famous flea markets in France. Beaujolais will be drunk at mid-November; the grapes are back on the shelves and the pips of the grapes ensured a good bowel movement. It is the time of white vegetables and sharper, hotter food. Eat what nature is empowering this season, which is helping the body to that fall-detox. I think about piment d`Espelette, a nice hot pepper from the Basque Country.


And if you’re still cleaning up, consider what additional sports, walking or yoga exercises, which aim to stimulate the internal cleansing.

No time for sports? Do you have a sedentary job? Or do you not move easily? The complete one and a half hour Dr. Hauschka`s body massage is a massage, which helps you in your internal clearance. This unique gentle massage gives a soft impulse to the lymphatic system in an inviting way. A massage to treat yourself or to help you with your detox. Call or email for an appointment:

This time with the leaves falling, can also be a little emotional. There may be something in us that wants to be released. Just ask for a holistic pulsetreatment (dressed) or an energetic 4 elements massage (on the skin): 0555972206