Christmas Symphony

Beau Bien Bio Treignac 2017

All preparations for Christmas have already begun. Even if you look at nature, you see that the snow has made the world a bit lighter. Let it work on you. You will really be able to experience the lightness inside. Outside, the sounds are muffled by the snow. The colors and smells have almost disappeared. All senses get peace. The forces of nature can be experienced as very nice to go  inside slowly and unwind. You can even experience the silence in yourself. Just standing still and letting go of everything is a wonderful experience. All systems in you come to rest and can recover. And that can be felt! After such a moment of totally nothing, you feel refreshed, as new. I compare the feeling with the moment of adolescence. The moment, that time is ahead of you, the world is yours and everything is possible.

Your energy charges in a few minutes. Re-mineralize your body, go for a walk and enjoy!

Take some time for a Silent Treatment for Christmas. You will sit in a different way at the Christmas table! Choose from the following treatments to see what you feel like and have time for. We finish every treatment with a delicious Christmas mocktail: Christmas Symphony. Try to make  reservations, still some free dates left.

By appointment only

Salon open exceptional: Friday 15 + Saturday 16 dec 6pm-7pm
Friday 22 + Saturday 23 dec 6pm-7pm (without appointment)

Tips for Christmas presents:


Sensory Journey: giftcard for 3 massages + giftbox normal winter 2017-2018   €110,-
Soul Warmer: giftcard for 3 massages + giftbox big winter 2017-2018   €125,-