Bodytreatment for men

Your hair and scalp also often need some care. If you suffer from dandruff or dry hair, reinforcing and revitalizing Neem Hair Lotion is the solution. Neem Hair oil is ideal for bald men or men with a shaved head. Oil blends natural functions of the scalp and protects sensitive skin against influences from outside.

After sport, it’s good to use the Birch Arnica Oil. This helps avoid the aches and stimulates the blood circulation and metabolism of your skin. Apply the oil after a shower, when the skin is still damp. Than, it is well absorbed by the skin. The Quince Body Lotion moisturizes and strengthens the skin of the body. The pleasant fragrance will revive you. Available at Beau Bien Bio.

Massage for men to relax: Reflexology,  Energetic Massage, Holistic Deep Tissue massage: very intensive massage.