Body program

Body massage

  • Reflexology of the feet: zones on the feet connect with area in the body. By massage of these zones there will be relaxation of the body (area).
  • Holistic pulsing: soft rocking of the body (with clothes)
  • Classic massage: massage of the muscles (back, upperback+neck, arms, belly, breast or legs)
  • Energetic massage: massage to divide de energie. (head, back or 4 elements)
  • Chakramassage: rebalancing (anteriorly, dorsal or totally. Advice: all. A massage every 14 days)
  • Deep tissue massage: deep massage of the skin
Holistic body treatment
For those seeking rejuvenation and a restored sense of well-being, the Holistic Body Treatment delivers. Through rhythmic touch, be transported to a state of sheer relaxation, in which deep renewal can take place. Recommended monthly, this whole-body experience includes 15 minutes of much-needed post-treatment rest.

Treatments for the hands
Bath, special treatment for the nails and skin, manicure, massage, mask is very relaxing and rejuvenating

Treatments for the feet 
Bath, special treatment for the nails and skin, massage, mask is very relaxing and rejuvenating.

Holistic Back Treatment
Caressing the skin in rhythmic, breathing motions. No kneading, pinching or firm holding – just warming motions that resonate throughout the entire body.

It’s deeply relaxing, boosting inner vitality and promoting regeneration. Enjoyed regularly over the long term, it is a powerful preventative method.

Back Cleansing Treatment
Deep cleansing for a beautiful back.


The prices are valid for 2019