Becoming or being a mam is a new period in the life of women, yet it is as old as there are mothers. Today, they are kept busy by doing more things than just motherhood. That leaves little time to share with other women for advice.
Searching on the internet is a quick fix. A forum, a blog or a website is the virtual kitchen nowadays to discuss the problems and all the new facts.

Beau bien Bio can help you with various treatments and some beautiful products specifically designed for pregnant women, mothers and babies.
Massage of the legs, – of the lower back during pregnancy can work enlightening. When the baby once is there, carrying the child quickly becomes a burden on the shoulder area. Then make an appointment for a lovely neck-shoulder massage or a special arm massage.
Consider also a facial. The changes of hormones can have a great impact on the skin of the face. During pregnancy it is very important to keep the elasticity of the skin to prevent stretch marks. Use Blackthorn Body Oil. Quickly tired and thickening legs indicate that pregnancy requires a great effort from your whole body. Rosemary Lotion supports the legs, when they’re swollen, leg cramps and pain in your legs.
By (mental) fatigue or stress offers lavender outcome. Moreover Moor Lavender Body Oil soothes and relaxes and promotes a calm, deep sleep.

When you’ll massage your baby frequently and lovingly with Body Oil Rose, you form a warm and protective shell and you stimulate the skin contact which is so essential for development.

Of all seasons I think autumn is the most beautiful season. The weather is colder, rainy days, outside you see the beautiful autumn colors and then I sit warm inside with a cup of tea.

In this time the ballast is taken before the winter, we leave the old year behind us and start a new year. All colors change. It becomes dark, cold and quiet. Plant and animal life retreats. If you tune in to this cycle, you will go along with this ‘retreat in yourself’.

By adapting our lifestyle to the change of the seasons, we can harmonize our body with the world around us. Eating seasonal food from our own region or climate strengthens our sense of natural cycles. Local food therefore ensures that we ground and synchronize with the local wave. This brings us in harmony with our natural environment: physically, mentally and spiritually. If you walk in the autumn, you see the seeds mature and the leaves fall. Nature dies and with that she forms a new beginning in a grain. We can say goodbye to stuff, projects or relationships more easily if we know that they no longer feed our being positively.

The seasons give us what we need, not just impressions, but also edible products. When we eat seeds (grains and nuts), the body develops forces that show a strong correspondence with the forces that formed the seed. For example, they provide us with a basis for the development of inner activity (potential). In the fall we have a greater need for heating food; autumn vegetables and autumn fruit are suitable for this. In this way we prepare for the coming cold winter.

To gain more contact with and become aware of these body processes is the goal of respectively the Dr. Hauschka treatments and the Holistic Massage. You can think of the Dr. Hauschka Harmonizing Treatment in this time. The treatment takes 90 minutes and relaxes from head to toe.

Make an appointment one of these days. Please leave a message when I am working in the salon. I will call you back as soon as possible.

Your hair and scalp also often need some care. If you suffer from dandruff or dry hair, reinforcing and revitalizing Neem Hair Lotion is the solution. Neem Hair oil is ideal for bald men or men with a shaved head. Oil blends natural functions of the scalp and protects sensitive skin against influences from outside.

After sport, it’s good to use the Birch Arnica Oil. This helps avoid the aches and stimulates the blood circulation and metabolism of your skin. Apply the oil after a shower, when the skin is still damp. Than, it is well absorbed by the skin. The Quince Body Lotion moisturizes and strengthens the skin of the body. The pleasant fragrance will revive you. Available at Beau Bien Bio.

Massage for men to relax: Reflexology,  Energetic Massage, Holistic Deep Tissue massage: very intensive massage.


It is unbelievable how fast the time has passed by. We have been living in France for 6 years and the company has been in existence for 5 years: Beau Bien Bio! A space for beauty, well-being and in the past year even more space has come: for being.

In 2014 I started using Dr. Hauschka treatments. This is a brand that understands beauty a few steps deeper and realizes it with delicate treatments and valuable, organic products. I can rightly say that the French ladies are the biggest fans of these quality treatments and massages.

From the first year, I worked in the Corrèze, the Creuze and in the Haute Vienne. The last 2 years I have been working mainly in Treignac, more rooted, and I started giving yoga classes. A new dimension, which completes the offer! It is nice to follow the flow of the week and also to work with the rhythm of the seasons.

The last season of 2019 is packed with great offers! Take a look; drop by; make a reservation for a nice treatment, a top massage or a super long weekend;).Take advantage of the offers NOW and you might win one of these fabulous prizes:

***** 5 prizes to be won! Including a long weekend with Cocooning treatment!
***** 5th treatment will be given as a present!
***** 5 nights Happy Balance: workshop massage gift!
***** 5 euro discount on the Dr. Hauschka Plénitude treatment!
*****? do you also give Beau Bien Bio 5 stars? That is only possible if you have experienced the treatments or have spent a super long weekend in that nice Happy Balance room!

Call or write me an email with your questions about the details. You are very welcome!!


More and more often, men take  time for skin care. For this they use different products. They want result oriented products that solve problems.
The ritual of Dr. Hauschka daily care: cleansing, fortifying and protecting, is intended for anyone who wants to have healthy skin.

Cleansing (after shaving)
The skin cleansing is the basis of good skin care. The Cleansing Cream absorbs dirt and impurities and makes the skin soft and vital. The product is in a tube, so perfect use under the shower! This cream makes your skin not dry or deshydrated.

For a fresh and pleasant sensation, use a lotion or serum product as aftershave. These products do not sting, but calm and fortify the skin.
Lotion: spray on face. The Clarifying Lotion is for oily and blemished skin. This lotion soothes irritation in case of ingrown hairs. Or
Serum: supports regeneration of mature skin. Extra: the serum helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

For a pleasant sensation of the skin, the ritual ends with a day care.
Quince Day Cream or Fluid Day Cream or Melissa Cream, depending on skin type. We give you a personal advice.

Make an appointment  for a skinadvice or a Facial, to try all the products!

Next blog: men and the body

The opening March 21 was a success. Because of the election campaign the salon was open later than planned, but the atmosphere was no less. The ribbon cutting was done in a ritual way by the mayor, Monsieur Gérard Coignac. Anyone who wanted to, got a piece of the ribbon along as a reminder.
There were bubbles and delicious biosnacks of the Brasserie. A beautiful collaboration and a step forwards to bio for them. Enthusiastic comments about the decor of the salon. The treatment chair was already tested and approved!
I answered
as much as questions carefully, such that the treatments and products from Dr. Hauschka are  organic and rhythmic composed, which surely is very unique and new. The people were open and curious about this “new” method. Organic: a new word for an old science. The coming year, I will organize different parties for groups to learn more about this, step by step.


The great work is done. Renovations, insulation, new sunny facade. Coat of paint, new decor furniture and facials at home is ready! I can work in the beautifully transformed dining room. I like dining too! The cherrywooden treatment chair is handmade. In addition, Dr. Hauschka products are on the shelfs!